"Want a receipt with that?"

We hear those words after most financial transactions we make.
Except when it comes to paying our taxes. We want to change that.

Introducing the Balancing Act Taxpayer Receipt


Our Taxpayer Receipt tool gives citizens a "receipt" for their taxes in about 30 seconds, showing them exactly which programs and services their money paid for, down to the penny. It does this by asking residents a few simple questions and importing information from Balancing Act’s back end in order to produce a personal receipt.

There’s no longer an excuse not to be as transparent with citizens’ tax dollars as we are with the rest of their purchases.

Have questions about what exactly those programs and services mean? Simply click on the blue information icon next to each item to get a brief description of it. Think you have what it takes to allocate your tax dollars? Even better. At the bottom of the receipt you can put a link to the optional Balancing Act budget simulation where citizens can try their own hand at balancing the budget, subject to the same constraints public officials have.

Try out Colorado's Taxpayer Receipt
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